Who is this Person?

short answer: Welcome! I’m thallia, autodidact in the subjects of electrical and computer engineering, programming, mathematics, sciences, and natural medicine.

fun fact (because everybody likes those): my pseudonym originates from element 81 of the periodic table, thallium. I chose that elemental name as it comes after my mentor’s pseudonym, Mercury. (He also goes by the name fouric, which I’ll most likely reference him by on this blog.)

medium answer: Sometime soon I will be going to college for an Electrical Engineering degree. With that knowledge I hope to further my career by increasing the availability of technical resources for natural medicine and naturopathic research and development. I also hope to become a published fiction author, writing fantasy and sci-fi graphic novels for young adults.

long answer: I believe that cultivating a love of learning in students is crucial to their careers. My love of learning began with my science teacher. She showed me how science could be fun, and the discovery of how the world works in all its beauty. When I took her chemistry class, I fell in love with the subject and the mathematics that went along with it. As I continued to grow under her teaching, she encouraged me to look into a career in engineering.

I can’t tell you how crazy I thought she was.

I had my whole life planned out before then; I was going to be a fantasy author and a stay-at-home mom. Boy, was I in for a surprise.

I looked into some college summaries about engineering programs and degrees, which sparked my interest in computer and electrical engineering. I knew fouric was getting a degree in electrical engineering, so I messaged him about any resources he might have that I could look into. He sent me a few, and I ate them up like nobody’s business.

Eventually I was messaging him everyday with questions, so much so that he asked if he could mentor me. My answer? Heck yes.

Ever since, I have been researching ways to learn, venturing into the artistic world of programming, computer engineering, and electrical engineering with the help of my trusty mentor. On this site I hope to share some of my adventures, research, and discoveries with you.

Thank you for stopping by!