thallia’s tree; a branch of knowledge

céad míle fáilte,  a hundred thousand welcomes!

I am thallia, a young and aspiring engineer. Electrical engineering and computer engineering have been my focus for almost a year now, alongside programming, mathematics, science, and a little dabble of natural medicine.

Soon I will be shipped off to college to pursue my career in electrical engineering–with that I want to further the research and technology to aid in naturopathic and other natural medical care.

The reason I chose to start a blog is due partially from influence of my mentor. I am a part of a team called Under the Wire, a small group of individuals with a passion for learning and, hopefully someday, we want to reinvent technology.

One of the concepts provided to us by our mentor is called infinity learning. A bit dramatic, I know, that’s what makes it fun. The concept of infinity learning is, ideally, where you are able to train yourself to remember the majority of anything you ever learn. A tool helpful to accomplish this is a blog.

The blogging format gives you a place to, “review, clarify, and document your experiences and learnings” (fouric, 2017). As you learn concepts, run into problems, or discover new things, a skilled way of making sure you understand it completely and correctly is to teach it to someone else; in this case, write it out and explain it to others reading the blog. When you have a limited understanding of a concept, sharing it with someone else requires you to have a fuller knowledge of whatever you’re trying to teach them, therefore pushing you to understand a concept to its full potential.

Using a blog format also gives you a copy of what you know, a frame of reference for if you forget a concept or piece of knowledge in the future.

With that in mind, this blog is where I’ll be posting things that I learn, projects that I’m working on, or problems I run into in the process of learning. I hope some of these posts will teach you a thing or two, provide you with things to think on, or serve as entertainment in general.

If you ever have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me! There’s a form you can fill out in the menu, located in the top left corner of this blog. If you want to read more about who I am and how I got interested in these subjects, you can go here!

Thank you for stopping by!